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Internet Resources on Alzheimer's Disease

Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD

Intermedic: A Journal on Internet and Medicine

Alzheimer's disease is now a major public health problem for certain age groups in many countries, due to the advancing longevity of the population. Internet has a huge number of information resources on this disease, for patients, care givers and health professionals, as well as many educational resources.

In this article we list the best international and Brazilian sites. More complete and up-to-date on-line catalogs may be found in the Searchable Indexes section of the paper. In order to facilitate access, we provide a  "search box" for each of these indexes, already preloaded with the keyword   "Alzheimer". Just click on the  "Search" button to get a complete listing from the on-line catalog. In case you wish to refine the search (for example, treatment of Alzheimer's with tacrine), just add the keywords to the search box, separating them by AND or ORs (in the example: Alzheimer AND treatment AND tacrine).

In the Web Sites section we list several sites of Alzheimer's associations, diagnostics and treatment centers througout the world, on-line newsletters, repositories, etc. Finally, the section on Discussion Lists and Newsgroups contains a listing of these interactive resources.

Searchable Indexes

MedWeb: Alzheimer's Disease.

Yahoo: Alzheimer's Disease

Achoo: Alzheimer's Disease

WebDoctor: Alzheimer's Disease

Cliniweb: Alzheimer's Disease

HealthAtoZ: Alzheimer's Disease

Doctor's Guide: Alzheimer's Disease Information & Resources

Mental Health Net: Geriatrics

Internet Mental Health: Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type
Including Internet Resources List

Infoseek's Resources on Alzheimer's Disease

Medical Matrix: Alzheimer's Disease

Medical World Search
Alzheimer's Disease Direct Search

Neurosciences on the Internet
Alzheimer's Disease Direct Search

European Alzheimer Clearinghouse (EACH)

Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Alzheimer's Disease Direct Search on Full Text Articles
Direct Search on Discussion Groups

Neuroscience Web Search

MEDLINE PubMed Medical Literature Search

On-Line Mendelian Inheritance in Man: Alzheimer's Disease

Web Sites

Discussion Lists and Newsgroups

Brazilian Resources (In Portuguese)


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Nucleo de Informatica Biomedica UNICAMP
Center for Biomedical Informatics
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