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A Collection of New Sites on the Medical Internet

In this issue:

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Brazilian Medical Association

With a totally reformulated home page, this promises to be one the most visited sites of Brazilian Medicine. It offers up-to-date information about the association, with on-line versions of the Journal of the AMB, and of the AMB Newsletter (with a lot of news on the medical world, besides scientific events and congresses), etc. he/she The site has also the complete list of addresses and URLs of all the federated associations (state or regional), as well as of the doctors who have received specialists' titles from AMB. The site is in Portuguese.

"Brain & Mind " Magazine

Produced by the Center for Biomedical Informatics of UNICAMP, this magazine is an electronic publication devoted to the popularization of scientific information for non specialists. It deals in depth with themes in the neurociences, mental health, psychiatry, psychology, etc.. The magazine is organized into several sections, such as Fundamentals, Mind and Behavior, History of the Neurosciences, Diseases of the Brain and Technology. The magazine is published quarterly, it's totally bilingual (English and Portuguese), and the access is free. The editor-in-chief (who is also an associate editor of Intermedic) it is Dr. Silvia Helena Cardoso.

Distance Specialization Course in Nutrition of UNIFESP

Under the impressive title of Virtual University, this is one of the best and richest sites of the Brazilian medical Internet. It is worthwhile to visit. It was recently (July of 97) launched by the Paulista School of Medicine (now Federal University of São Paulo). It is possibly the first Brazilian specialization course in health which is offered by means of Internet-based distance education techology. It uses advanced multimedia resources such as video and audio conferencing and it includes an on-line glossary on nutrition and other auxiliary educational texts. Unfortunately, most of the areas have access restricted only to registered students, and could not be examined.

Preview the Heart

A most wonderful site by Franklin Institute, it contains an on-line multimedia exhibition on the heart, its anatomy, physiology, diseases, etc. The site includes a great number of excellent illustrations, videoclips on the cardiovascular system, heart surgery, and even sound clips with heart murmurs. Although it has been produced with lay persons in mind, this highly rewarded site deserves to be seen by all the professionals in the area.

The Body Electric

One of the most visited and rewarded sites of the medical Internet, it deals with a fashionable subject: plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is recommended for laypersons, but the site has very informative material for doctors, too. The main esthetic surgeries are described in detail starting from an entertaining map where the user clicks the mouse over the part of the body that he or she would like to correct (see illustration). The Body Electric has also a search mechanism that locates addresses of plastic surgeons' addresses anywhere in the world.

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