Intermedic: Revista de Internet e Medicina
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What is Intermedic ?

Journal Sections

Intermedic is organized into several sections, which appear in every issue:

A Message from the Editor
An editorial about a topic of current interest on Medicine and the Internet.
Learning About The Internet
This section contains articles directed to the beginner, who wishes to learn the basic facts and tips about Internet and its use in Medicine. What are the services available in the Internet, how do they work, how to use them in the best way, how to find medical information on the Internet, etc.
Internet Applications
These are more advanced articles, that show specific applications of Internet in the medical field. Multimedia medical records, decision support systems, medical and pharmaceutical databases, bibliographical search systems, forums and electronic publications, etc.
Always an article reviewing a specific area of Internet application in medical learning, teaching and education, such as sites, tutorials, simulations, text and image databases, etc.
Internet Resources
Extensive list of resources, sites, links, etc., which can be found on the Internet about a specific field or subfield of the health sciences, such as in Cardiology, Pediatrics, Nuclear Medicine, medical colleges, libraries, information for patients, etc. Gradually these articles will accumulate into a very useful reference catalog.
Book Reviews
Reviews on recent books and other publications related to Internet and Medicine.
Site of the Month
This section presents a complete critical review about an interesting site in Medicine and Health on the Internet, giving its address, main characteristics, most interesting resources, etc.
A collection of links and sites in Medicine and Health, in Brazil and abroad, with short descriptions and an evaluation by our editor.
We present here reviews of useful software packages for Internet users, such as browsers, tools for creating home pages, copying files, eletronic mail programs, access to news, information search, plug-ins for your browser, etc.
Technical Advice
Send us your question or doubt about technical issues related to the Internet, and see the answer given by our specialists.
News on the medical Internet world, or on issues of general interest for internauts.
New Products and Services
All that is coming up in software, hardware, on-line resources, services, etc.

How to Obtain the Journal

Access to the on-line version is public and free, at the address:

The printed edition is freely distributed only to Brazilian physicians by Searle do Brasil. Please send all inquiries to:


Center for Biomedical Informatics
State University of Campinas
P.O. Box 6005
Campinas, SP 13081-970
Tel. (0055 019) 788-7130 or 7034 or (0055 19) 239-9800 ext. 141 and Fax (0055 019) 788-4717

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Published by:
Nucleo de Informatica Biomedica UNICAMP
Center for Biomedical Informatics
State University of Campinas

© 1997 Renato M.E. Sabbatini
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