Intermedic: Journal of Internet and Medicine
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How to Contribute
to Intermedic

Intermedic: Journal of Internet and Medicine

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Types of Contributions

Intermedic accepts for publication articles, papers, news and notes for any of its sections below:

In case you just wish to inform us about the existence of a resource or site in the Internet, please use the form available for contact.

The Brazilian Catalog of Internet Resources in Medicine and Health allows only Brazilian sites and links.


Style of Writing

Intermedic has the aim to inform professionals and students who are interested in using Internet in Medicine and Health; but who are not experts in computers or networks. Thus, Intermedic is not appropriate for the publication of papers of a technical or scientific nature or research papers.

In consequence, submissions to Intermedic should be written in a clear and easily understandable style by the non-specialists, particularly when the paper is meant to be read by beginners. The magazine makes available to the readers a Glossary of Technical Terms on the Internet, which the author may wish to point to by means of hypertext links, when appropriate. Please read the Additional Instructions to HTML Authors. Examples of the preferred style of writing can be seen in the articles already published in the magazine.

In case you are in doubt about the appropriateness of an article you wish to submit, we recommend that you send an email message to the editor-in-chief beforehand, containing a brief outline of your submission, the topics to be covered and purported audience.

Papers in English are published exclusively in the on-line edition of Intermedic. Therefore, submitted articles which make full use of in-line hyperlinks to internal and external addresses and URLs, images, etc, will receive priority in the acceptance process.

The editorial staff reserves the right to alter form and contents of submitted articles, in order to adapt them to the style and format of on-line edition. In case these modifications are extensive, the author will be able to inspect an  "on-line galley proof" in order to express his agreement to the changes before final publication.


How to Submit

Intermedic is prepared to accept submissions which are sent only in computer-readable form, according to the norms listed below::


After a first review by the Editor-in-Chief, submitted papers will be sent to selected member(s) of the Editorial Board, which is composed by prominent experts in the field, who will referee them, according to the standards of quality enforced by the magazine. This process will not be followed for submissions which are not papers, such as book, software and site reviews, news, product and event notes, etc.

In case it is deemed necessary by the editorial staff, the paper may be returned to the author(s) with proposed modifications in order to be accepted. Once accepted, all authors must sign a copyright transfer agreement and a warranty of original authorship of all written and iconographic material contained in the article.

Intermedic does not accept paid advertisements except those by its sponsors, and does not pay honoraria or fees for its authors.

The delay of publication is kept to the minimum possible, but it will depend on the form and completeness of submission, the need for modifications and the publication queue.

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